AK Electrical Solutions Ltd will do any electrical work you need, from large scale renovations to the smallest of fixes! We know it can be tough to get great service and a quality finish. AK Electrical Solutions understands that your growing “To Do” list can feel overwhelming. Call today and start feeling at ease — you’ll be glad you did.

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Lighting Installation

On Time, On Budget

Need your lighting installation designed, installed or updated? You name it, we can do it! Supplying both the materials and labour for any type of lighting installation. We perform the repairs and improvements you need with the experience, skill, and customer service you deserve. Feel free to get in contact for more information or to set up an appointment.


Socket Repair

Professional and Punctual

Do you need repair or improvement work? We have years of experience with socket repairs, and guarantee the quality of our workmanship. Whatever your project, we are ready to help. Get in contact now to schedule an appointment and free estimate. We will also answer any questions you may have about how we work and what to expect during your service appointment.

circuit breaker panel repair

Consumer Unit

Your Consumer Unit Pro

Have a circuit breaker problem that needs some professional attention? Whatever is required, AK Electrical Solutions Ltd can be trusted to help you bring it to life. If you need repairs done, need assistance with installation, or would like a remodelling upgrade, give us a call and we will offer you the services you need at prices you can afford.


Periodic Inspection and Testing (EICR)

Electrical Installation Condition Report

During an EICR, the consumer unit (or fuseboard), wiring and electrical accessories are thoroughly tested and inspected for faults or deviations from the wiring standards. Throughout the test, the following will be inspected and tested:

  • The adequacy of the earthing and bonding.

  • Devices for protection against fire and electric shock.

  • Any damage or wear and tear that might affect the safety of the properties inhabitants.

  • Identification of any damaged electrical fittings and accessories.

  • Identification of any exposed live wires that could cause a fire or injury.

You are then given a report listing any findings and if the installation is Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory along with any observations and coding's. Get in contact for more information.


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Exceeding Expectations

PAT testing is done to ensure that all electrical equipment that is classified as “portable” is deemed safe for use.

PAT testing law requires that all landlords, employers and even self-employed individuals make sure that their portable electrical appliances are safe and are suitable and used for the purposes intended. These appliances should always be maintained properly and remain in good working order.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Electric Car

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Powering Your Vehicle

AK Electrical Solutions Ltd will work with you to offer the best bespoke EV solution. 

Full services offered for domestic and commercial settings - Get in contact to find out more.

AK Electrical Solutions Ltd is committed to helping you with every job. Call us anytime to speak with a professional directly.


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